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Gevalia 8-pods Tassimo T-Discs, Latte.

Gevalia 8-pods Tassimo T-Discs, Latte.

  • Size/Capacity: 8-pods/9.25-oz. each

8 Espresso & 8 milk creamer discs. Exclusively for Tassimo system. The art of the perfect cup. Latte: Gevalia Latte combines the intense taste of Gevalia Espresso with creamy 2% milk. Experience our authentic cafe style latte characterized by the inviting aroma and bold flavor of espresso, complemented by the rich velvety texture of creamy milk. The Art of the Perfect Cup: Discover Tassimo, the ultimate in great taste and smart technology. Each perfectly measured T Disc seals in the freshness an

List Price: $ 9.99


Tassimo by Bosch TAS4515UC Single Serve Coffee Brewer, Silver

  • Single-serve coffee brewer brews at the touch of a button in about a minute
  • Uses t-discs with barcode technology; beverages pour directly from t-disc into cup
  • No measuring, no fuss, and virtually no cleanup; customizable size and strength
  • LED user interface; 67-ounce removable water tank (without water filter); 1 MAVEA water filter included
  • Measures w 8-inch by h 11-inch by d 13 1?4-inch; manufacturer’s limited warranty: 1 year parts and labor

Better Brewing By Design TASSIMO is a brewing system unlike any other. Remarkable in its ability to offer an exceptional combination of quality, convenience, consistency and versatility. Only TASSIMO offers a choice of coffee, cappuccinos and lattes made with real milk, crema, tea and hot chocolate. Each perfectly brewed, fresh by the cup, at the touch of a button. The secret to brewing each cup perfectly is the patented TASSIMO DISC (T DISC) technology. A unique barcode on each T DISC tells the

List Price: $ 139.99


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Gevalia Espresso, T-Discs for Tassimo Hot Beverage System, 16-Count Packages (Pack of 2)

  • A pack of two, 16-Count (total of 32-Counts)
  • Offers an intense, rich taste and refined aroma
  • Europeans heritage and quality standards

Gevalia Kaffe. 16 Individual T Discs. Exclusively for Tassimo System. Gevalia Espresso offers an intense, rich taste, refined aroma, and dense body. These distinctive characteristics define the complex character of our unique espresso made from choice Arabica beans. The art of the perfect cup. Discover Tassimo, the ultimate in great taste and smart technology. Each perfectly measured T Disc seals in the freshness and flavor until you use it. Simply select your cup, insert your choice of T Disc a

List Price: $ 28.98


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Braun 7050-798 Tassimo Cleaning Disc Reviews

Braun 7050-798 Tassimo Cleaning Disc

Braun Cleaning Disc

List Price: $ 9.99


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Mavea 1001495 Maxtra Filter for Tassimo Brewers

  • No pre-soaking required
  • Top mesh prevents black particles
  • Silverized Activated Carbon
  • Pull out ring
  • Click and Fit

No pre-soaking required, top mesh prevents black particles in water, silverized activated carbon to inhibit bacteria growth, pull out ring for easy removal/exchange, click and fit (fits snuggly-prevents by-pass flow) Even Flow Design, Engineered to deliver consistent flow rate over the life of the filter, Mavea filter recycling program

List Price: $ 7.99


Tassimo TAS6515UC The Bosch Tassimo TAS6515UC single serve coffee maker is an upgrade over the standard TAS1000UC. It identical to this base model, with a few additional features:

  • Built in Mavea filtering system in tank, to reduce scale and improve taste quality
  • display monitors life of Mavea filtering canister
  • Stunning Titanium over black finish
  • sound dampening in pump mechnism for whisper quiet operation

You can be assured that this is one coffee brewer purchase that is built to last. This single cup coffee brewer produces a quality product each and every time, complete with a guarantee backed by the Bosch Company. Think about it, do you want to wake up and NOT have coffee available due to a faulty coffee maker ? This same situation faced me with other brands of single serve coffee machines.. their story didnt end so well, but Bosch Tassimo has never let me down.

The Bosch Tassimo Coffee Maker is designed to bring you a the perfect cup of coffee, espresso, latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate or tea everytime. Unlike any other hot drink maker the built in computer is programmed to identify the disc that is inserted into the machine via its barcode. Once the computer has scanned the bar code, the machine is then able to configure the exact water temperature, amount and brewing time required to offer you a truly perfect drink. Just like a fresh one from the most skilled barista.

There are many coffee, tea and chocolate flavors available for this system that are available for no other, as you will soon discover once you begin taste testing the coffee, tea and cocoa discs. This is great for those of us with children, the variety makes this a machine for the whole family ! Another bonus, the Bosch Tassimo is one of the quietest coffee makers on the market, great for making that early morning “wake me up” without disturbing the kids, and this models additional quietning in the pump makes it ideal for families with young children.

The Bosch Tassimo TAS6515UC coffee maker a clear choice for the coffee lover with young children. We have all experienced the disappointment of spending a large amount of money for a device and once you have used it, the results are not anything like you had expected. You will not have this issue when buying the revolutionary Tassimo brewing system.