Bosch Espresso

Tassimo Espresso machine, great Coffee Machines by Bosch

To make a professional espresso is a ritual and something with different aspect that one has to learn Good equiptment is of course essential.

Bosch has years of experience in building high quality espresso machines. Those machines can help you make that profession espresso, with just the touch of a button.                                                                       The Vero Professional Coffee Center  is an automatic espresso machine for home use with professional  quality.It has constant brewing temperature and perfect water pressure.

It takes a barristo a long time to get the experience to know the right pressure for the coffee. Too tight means not enough water will be absorbed, too loose means the water does not absorbe the coffee aroma.

This Professional  machine will do just that for you, so your coffee is always  pressed  right for the perfect espresso. The Tassimo System pressures the coffee just right, whatever the quantity.



Tassimo Hot Beverage System In Action

The Tassimo Hot Beverages Line has 5 different models, see more click here!


Bosch refrigerators come with a fresh new  sleek looking design
The latest Linea models come with designs in white or stainless steel to  fit any modern kitchen

Tey are a new way to keep your products fresh.
The Refrigerators come with a new interior made from superior and lasting material.
There  are a lot  of different storage compartments for all  products in different  sizes and packages.
The Linea Models have superior features like easy glide shelves, which makes it easy to reach  for items in the refrigerator.

The flush ice  and water dispenser is a easey  way ot remove  surplus water or  ice.
Flush led lighting which lights up every corner of the interior.
The removeable cooling packs, are a great way to take on a trip to keep in your  cooling basket.
Gallon bin doors allow you to store even the big jugs of water, juice or milk.
With the  right refrigeration  your food stays at the peak of freshness,
which will make your meals  even more delicious, but  also  more healthy.
Foods that are kept fresh in optimum condition are more healthy
because  all the vitamines and alive elements, are preseved and can thus be  consumed and benefit your  health. So a good refrigerator helps you to  stay in shape as well.

Bosch refrigerators  are also equiped with the latest technology  to reduce energy usage to a minimum.
This then is  part of  your contribution to going green, as well as it helps you to save on your energy bill.